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From: laugh alot
Date: 2001-05-07 15:38:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret hair loss on neck and belly

Hi, my female (spayed) ferret, kakiri, just lost a huge clump of hair on the
back of her neck within the last 2 days. She is just a about a year and a
half old, current on shots, was at the vets less than a month ago for her 6
month check-up (passed with flying colors). About 3 weeks ago we moved from
pa to sc (I know illegal) for an extended visit with family. She took
tranquilizers during the flight down, then a 4 hr drive to home (not illegal
in ga). She was close friends with our chow that is still in pa (could she
be lonely for her)? Could this be a ferret form of post-traumatic stress?
She has been fed Marshalls ferret food from day one. The litter in her
litter box is pelleted newspaper. She is given no supplements beyond a cat
hairball remedy once a week.

She is itching (no fleas or mites) on the scruff of her neck and on her
belly alot. Hardly any hair loss on belly. She was a feral, found ferret
about 11 months ago, and has always been a biter, although it has never been
vicious, she just plays REALLY rough, attitude has'nt changed much. When
she draws blood, we hold her up by the scruff of her neck (we do it alot,
could this be why the clump of hair loss-she tries to squirm out of hold,
and usually succeeds because I don't want to hurt her). She is active, kept
on her weight (almost 2 lbs), eating, drinking, pooping normally. She
does'nt show signs of adrenal (except hair loss and itching). Could she be
allergic to dad's cat? When she is running around the house, she uses cat's
litter pan. The cat is current on all shots, was at the vet about 1 1/2
mo's for checkup (fine) and is an inside only cat, so she should'nt have any
bugs. Are there things in cat waste that is toxic to her? We are also
washing her laundry in different detergent (for the last 3 wks). Within the
last couple of days we have started using the air conditioner, could she be
allergic to it?

She will be going to a vet in ga very soon, what tests should be done? All
of her laundry is being washed in only hot water starting today. Sorry this
is so long but this is really worrying me.

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