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Date: 2001-05-08 07:39:00 UTC
Subject: (no subject)

Hi Everyone
Attention: Dr. Williams

This was mentioned in an earlier post and it was suggested that I have
bloodwork run on Bandit to see how his kidneys are functioning. What specific
things in the blood do they look at to see if the kidneys are functioning
and what are normal values for these particular things??

Dr. Williams suggested a urinalysis as well but I'm not sure my vet knows how
to do that in the past she could not get a tube up the urethra. Is this
what's involved, could you please explain the procedure to me? This is the
same doctor who said there was no such thing as a retinal exam for ferrets,
that she could not determine if Bandit was blind or not. I will plan on
seeing a different vet in the office anyway for now could you please explain
what needs to be done and what they test the urine for??

Lastly, could this bad breath thing be an ulcer acting up? I know Bandit has
been chewing at the air more during feedings and I don't think it's
insulinoma because his energy is up and his appetite is good. Dr. Williams
would you suggest Pepcid A/C and if so how much could I suspend it in water??

I noticed Bandit's stools are getting worse and worse. Lately he's been
having projectile runs, actually it almost resembles a thick urine but it has
white seeds in it. At first I thought it was urine but now I think it's
coming from the back end.

Please Help Soon
I'm taking Bandit to the vet tomm. and would like some info. beforehand.

Thanks so very much (all of you have been so thoughtful and helpful)

(This was the original post)

Bandit is urinating a lot, it seems like a 1/2 cup of water each time.
I am feeding him babyfood and SD a/d because he doesn't eat on his
own. He's also been on pred for about a month-2 months now, this
actually will be his last week on it...we were treating for ECE (boost)
appetite and for low blood sugar. I know chronic use of steroids (pred)
can cause this but he really hasn't been on it too long?? or is it long
enough to cause this?

Second, I recently noticed Bandit's breath is bad, don't know what this