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Date: 2001-05-08 13:46:00 UTC
Subject: Re: (no subject)

For a simple urinalysis, usually all that is needed is a
tablespoonful of urine (approximately) This can be collected by
fixing a litter pan without litter or with plastic litter. My ferret
likes to go in the shower when he is out so it is very easy to get a
sample. (and much easier to clean up when compared to accidents on
the carpet, and thanks to Fitz, I have a very clean shower>G<)
Hope this helps,
Erica and Fitz

I am not an expert so please consult your vet!

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., cjbandit@a... wrote:
> Hi Everyone
> Attention: Dr. Williams
> This was mentioned in an earlier post and it was suggested that I
> bloodwork run on Bandit to see how his kidneys are functioning.
What specific
> things in the blood do they look at to see if the kidneys are
> normally??
> and what are normal values for these particular things??
> Dr. Williams suggested a urinalysis as well but I'm not sure my vet
knows how
> to do that in the past she could not get a tube up the urethra. Is
> what's involved, could you please explain the procedure to me?
This is the
> same doctor who said there was no such thing as a retinal exam for
> that she could not determine if Bandit was blind or not. I will
plan on
> seeing a different vet in the office anyway for now could you
please explain
> what needs to be done and what they test the urine for??
> Lastly, could this bad breath thing be an ulcer acting up? I know
Bandit has
> been chewing at the air more during feedings and I don't think it's
> insulinoma because his energy is up and his appetite is good. Dr.
> would you suggest Pepcid A/C and if so how much could I suspend it
in water??
> I noticed Bandit's stools are getting worse and worse. Lately he's
> having projectile runs, actually it almost resembles a thick urine
but it has
> white seeds in it. At first I thought it was urine but now I think
> coming from the back end.
> Please Help Soon
> I'm taking Bandit to the vet tomm. and would like some info.
> Thanks so very much (all of you have been so thoughtful and helpful)
> (This was the original post)
> Bandit is urinating a lot, it seems like a 1/2 cup of water each
> I am feeding him babyfood and SD a/d because he doesn't eat on his
> own. He's also been on pred for about a month-2 months now, this
> actually will be his last week on it...we were treating for ECE
> appetite and for low blood sugar. I know chronic use of steroids
> can cause this but he really hasn't been on it too long?? or is it
> enough to cause this?
> Second, I recently noticed Bandit's breath is bad, don't know what
> means-