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From: deena
Date: 2001-05-08 01:53:00 UTC
Subject: new ferret vaccine

Of important note, Merial (maker of IMRAB-3 for rabies) is currently testing
a new distemper vaccine for ferrets and to date it has demonstrated it's
efficacy with no reported side effects. It is important to the ferret
community that owners and veterinarians get behind Merial and let them know
how important this drug to bring to market and receive USDA approval for use
in ferrets.

Merial Limited
2100 Ronson Road
Iselin, NJ 08830
pH: 888-637-4251
FX: 732-729-5015

It's distemper vaccination time for my ferrets, and I worry so much every
year. Odin almost died from a reaction to his Fervac last year.
I would be very happy if this new vaccine made especially for ferrets, not
dogs, becomes available soon.