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From: Ron Carter
Date: 2001-05-08 14:30:00 UTC
Subject: Calling Christopher, Calling Christopher....

Hey Christopher,

What is this I hear about you "boarding" this little furry body??
Care to place any bets on where the little tyke winds up? Yes I said


I did a resque today. I will shorten the story just a tad for ya,
but I am keeping them. There are two of em. One is a male about 6
months old chocolate sable, named him Grizzly. The other one is
about 6 months old too, Her name is Missy short for Mischief. Guess
what kind she is..

Give up yet?

She is a blue eyed white. YEAH she is absolutely gorgeous and very
under nourished right now, but we will take care of that....

Hugz to all the fuzzy butts,

Ron & the Blurry Furries......