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Date: 2001-05-08 17:22:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Neurological Problems in Ferrets

Anyway, we always just assumed that Hope had some
neurological problems from the abuse, which is why her
balance is so off. I believe that she's also deaf as well
but it's hard to tell with her. Is that what you would call
her problems? Neurological? Is there any way to tell the
extent of the damage to her? Is it even worth it to wonder?
She's VERY happy and healthy aside from the balance
problems. I doubt that she will ever outgrow that.
[TANSY] ::sigh:: Hi Lisa...I understand where you are coming
from. I once adopted a ferret named Pango who had been kept
in an aquarium full of cedar chips for close to a year. He
was blind from cataracts from the oil in the cedar (or so I
was told) and had severe Neuro problems- he walked like a
drunken sailor. He never got any better, but at least was long you kept him away from glass. Any car trips
he spent in my arms scratching at the window to get out- it
was heartbreaking. The only thing I would check into are ear
mites....they could cause head tilt and shaking as well as
partial deafness. Otherwise just love her to death and know
that you saved her.