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From: Shortley, Lisa
Date: 2001-05-09 00:17:00 UTC
Subject: Neurological Problems in Ferrets

Bruce Williams wrote:
> While this is an absolutely terrible and tragic study, it is
> difficult to establish the cause or extent of her injuries
without a
> true neurological examination. While the lesions are most
> neurological, musculoskeletal problems would also have to be
> out in this case.
Thanks for the reply! If you don't mind me asking, what would
a true neurological examination involve? How would
musculoskeletal problems be ruled out? Is this something that
my local vet would be able to do or would we need to see a
specialist? Are the steps toward taking this worth it?
Probably not, huh? Since she's doing so well and it doesn't
effect her quality of life. But I'm just wondering...
> I don;t know if the potty issues are related, as
> you say that they are more frequent after a manipulation
that they
> don't particularly like.
Typically, the potty issues occur when they are scared. For
some reason, Hope completely freezes when she sees (or even
senses it seems) a q-tip coming toward her. She is very sweet
and loving (and gives the best little ferret kisses) but she
is also very stiff and scared of sudden movements. When she
is picked up by others, she gets very stiff and even her
little hands freeze and her paws spread out - and she shakes.
I've snuck into her cage when she's sleeping to see if she
always feels that stiff and she doesn't - completely relaxed
when she's sleeping. Then after she's woken up, stiff again.
> It is unlikely that anything at this point will reverse the
I realize that. She's doing really well with her current
condition and most importantly, she's happy and healthy. I
just always assumed she was a bit "neurological" and wanted to
know the correct terminology for her problems.
Thanks for your time!
Lisa Shortley