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From: Erin Simkins
Date: 2001-05-09 02:22:00 UTC
Subject: Worms: more specific with Sick Ferret

I'm sorry for posting again but had a few hours to think about my
original post and thought maybe I should be more specific. (I was
rushed this morning and didn't think my post through very well. My

I did look through the archives on postings about "worms" in
ferrets. Nan, I saw your post about tapeworms but the majority of
posts were Heartworm specific. What I forgot to mention was that I'm
looking for INTESTINAL specific worms. In the stomach, intestinal
tract or whatever the case may be. Are there worms that my vet
should be looking for?

I ask because my ferret Sebastian started vomitting horribly last
night. All the scenarios ran through my head, as they should...
blockage, intestinal upset from coccidia, giardia and a few other
scenarios, and then worms came across my mind too. Sebastian is not
a chewer of toys or anything like that. I honestly don't think it's
a blockage (he gets daily laxative for hairballs) but I won't be
naive either and rule it out. I have a vet appointment for 12:45 pm
today so I hope they can find something out. I will request a poop
smear/float and whatever else they think will help. Just looking for
a little more guidance from this very kind and knowledgeable group of

Thank you very much.

Erin Simkins