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From: Judith Eggink
Date: 2001-05-09 05:28:00 UTC
Subject: question on lymphoma - Dr. Williams

Hi, I posted here about 2 weeks ago asking questions
about the possibility of cancer in the spleen. Well,
the spleen has been removed as well as a small nodule
near the pancreas. He was not anemic at all before
the surgery, came through it fine. They could not do
blood work as they couldn't get any real amount of

Anyway, the pathologist report said that the spleen
was not cancerous throughout the whole thing. The
doctor said this really long name but basically meant
the spleen was taking over the production of white and
red blood cells. The small nodule did end up coming
back as lymphoma though. I was told that this may be
bone cancer possibly? He wasn't sure quite what to
think of this. I am hoping that you may have seen
this before. I believe he did get the whole nodule,
not just part of it.

He gets his stiches out tomorrow and they are going to
check again if he is anemic. The rest of his organs
looked great. Anything you could tell me would be
great. He is doing very good right now, he is acting
and playing like I haven't seen in quite some time,
eating, drinking and gaining his weight back (He lost
1 lb, 3.5 - 2.5 lbs). He is just over 3 years old.


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