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From: Shelley Knudsen
Date: 2001-05-09 05:22:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Neurological Problems in Ferrets


Having just finished a veterinary course in neuroscience, and
having had two ferrets of my own in the past three years with
neurological disease, based on your description, I would say
that it is very possible that it could be neurological, given
Hope's history and her age. There are a variety of physical
tests that could be done to localize the area of damage, but
as long as she doesn't get any worse, unless you really want
to know exactly what and where is wrong with her, you can
probably say with some certainty that it is most likely
neurological. I notice your e-mail is from a university, if
there happens to be a veterinary college there, you might be
able to see if who ever teaches neuroscience would be willing
to do a neurological exam for free by using it as a learning
experience for their students. Just a thought, as that is
what my neuroscience instructor has done on numerous
occasions. There is also always a possibility that she will
get better over time also, it all depends on what part of her
nervous system was damaged. If she is definitely deaf, and
she is not a blaze or a black eyed white, that could also help
point to where the damage is.

Anyway, if you would like a very detailed list of some tests
that you could do yourself, e-mail me personally, and maybe we
can localize the possible area of damage. Of course, without
radiographs or a blood test, there is always the possibilty
that it could be something else, although I think with her
history that it is unlikely. Keep in mind however, that I am
only a veterinary student, not a vet, so I could be totally
off base (although I got a B in the class, so I hope I learned
something. :-). Again though, as long as she doesn't get any
worse, unless you are the really curious type, you shouldn't
really need to worry about it. I think the "potty issues" are
probably psychological issues, and will resolve given time and
lots of TLC.

Good luck, and bless you for taking those sweet girls into
your home.

Dooks and hugs to your fuzzies,
Shelley Knudsen
Class of 2004 KSU Veterinary College
402-463-0190 785-776-5618

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