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Date: 2001-05-09 02:01:00 UTC
Subject: Hiccups and baby food problem?

Hi everyone. My apologies if these have already been covered, but I
couldn't find anything in the archives on hiccups.

My little girl seems to get them (hiccups) almost all the time. They
seem to kick in after some heavy duty playing and happens on both a
full and empty stomach. Could this be a sign of an underlying
problem? Should I take her in to have it looked into? Anything I
can do to make them stop???? I know that when I have them, they
drive me NUTS!! I hate to see her go through this all the time.

Baby Food - I've been giving her Heinz chicken (with broth) baby food
since she was a kit. I've tried getting Gerbers, but was told it's
no longer available here. Anyway, every time I give this to her, she
gets dark-red-brick coloured stools. And they have no form. Looks
like a pile of goo. Could this be from a variation in ingredients
between brands? Something more serious? I've never heard of a
ferret that has had this reaction (every time) to baby food.

Thanks in advance everyone!!