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From: Ferretwise
Date: 2001-05-09 08:54:00 UTC
Subject: re: FHL post HARPO

Hello Deirdre-
Do you know if it is possible whether Harpo is a late alter? If so this
sounds like it could be an infected (impacted) anal gland which is
protruding. This would mean that Harpo ( if the vet diagnoses this) would
need a stronger antibiotic and hot soaks to try and unplug the gland.
Worse case scenario is surgical removal of the anal glands.
BEWARE This procedure should ONLY be done by ferret knowledgeable vets who
are FAMILIAR with the procedure. There is risk for complications in this

Else this could be a cyst or tumor - a thorough check by a veterinarian as
soon as possible will help alleviate and unexpected complications. Best
wishes to Harpo for a speedy recovery.
Hope this helps

at Ferret Wise