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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-09 09:41:00 UTC
Subject: RE: K/D vs Eukanuba

Dr. Murray wrote:
<K/D can food on a dry matter basis has 29.3%
protein, 41.1% fat, 22.5%
carbohydrates, and 2.5% fiber. This is actually
lower than the amount of
protein that a ferret needs. Thus the ferret will
become protein deficient.
In addition it does not contain potassium citrate
or fish oil (omega 3 fatty
acid). That is why I like the Eukanuba kidney diet
better. Plus the
Eukanuba seems to taste better. More food for
thought, <

Boy, you sure are making my brain too tired <g>.
So, a low protein diet for a ferret isn't so low
after all (as compared to a regular protein diet
for a ferret)?? If "normal " is 36% and the
acceptable "low protein" is 32% (a mere 11%
reduction), then I don't think it should be called
low protein!! See, I would have thought of low as
more like a 40-50% reduction in protein, or at
least a 25% reduction.

So, have we now established that I am feeding
Champ too low a protein diet? And, should I have
kept the canned A/D in his soup to counteract the
too low protein in the dry K/D in his soup? It
seems that I might kill him before the kidney
disease does!!

Let me go over this...Champ's soup (one batch) is
comprised of 1 cup of dry K/D, 20 oz. of
Pedialyte, 2 cans of K/D (previously A/D), 2 T of
canola oil and 4 oz. of Ensure (or the generic
equivalent). I also add a dab of whipping cream
to each feeding to help maintain his weight. His
medications include Tumil-K (1/4 tab BID; not sure
of the strength), Lixotinic (.5ml SID), Epogen
(.6ml of 300IU/ml 3 times a week), and Cimetidine
(.15 ml BID). The Tumil-K, Lixotinic, and
Cimetidine are mixed in his soup. The Epogen is,
of course, an injection. He also gets about 80ml
of sub-q Lactated Ringers daily also. Now, what
am I doing wrong or right?

I'm taking him in on Friday so would appreciate
any suggestions or recommendations ASAP so I can
discuss them with Doc in person. Please copy me
separately since I only get the List in digest

Thanks in advance. Now I need a nap!