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From: Jackie DeCarlo
Date: 2001-05-09 14:48:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Essiac ingredients

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> > I am not sure what is in Essiac or how it is supposed to work.
> > however if your ferret is terminal then it will not hurt to try it
> There is a Website which lists the Essiac ingredients and some
> information on each of them at:
> I've never actually used Essiac, so I can't offer any personal
> on how it works .. but I know a lot of cancer patients do try it,

I just want to add that I have personally tried it on my Taz who was
diagnosed with Lymphoma....I truly believe and so does my vet that
along with the Prednisone this is what kept her alive for the 16
months she was on it... and when all said and done she did not die
from the Lymphoma but from a cancerous adrenal...this herbal formula
offered her a good quality of life and up to the day she died she was
still full of energy.. I have several friends who have their fuzzies
on the essiac and they are doing quite well.. just a word of advise
thought...this essiac does not work on adrenal and insulinoma
tumors...When my vet took another biopsy of one of her cancerous
lymph nodes it showed the cancer was still there but seemed to be in
a remission...and that was 12 months into using the essiac..So as you
can see, I can't say enough good stuff about it...Again, this is
something that may work for one but not for another..I believe I
caught Taz's Lymphoma early and that may be the reason the essiac
worked so well on her..I just wish there were more studies done on
this.. I know her vet is now recommending using this on terminally
ill fuzzies with certain kinds of cancers that are not good surgical
candidates.. This herbal formula is worth a shot when no other
treatment is available...I also give it to my ferrets as a supplement
because of the ingredients that is helpful to their systems..

Jackie Peanut, Bandit, Buster, Harvey and still missing Taz