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From: Claudia Johnson
Date: 2001-05-09 20:49:00 UTC
Subject: need dose and more info on proscar

I wrote a couple months ago about my insulinoma ferret that became
diabetic. Thanks (delayed) to the vets who responed to my post. It
has been a roller coster ride with Smokey. His Bg has been at 600
and he crashed 1 month ago (BG 35). He is currently on insulin 1
time a day ( 100 at a 1:9 dilution) and is doing great. However, he
has developed adrenal disease and received a Lupron injection on May
7th. I am concerned about his decreasing urine volume, although his
bladder was small upon exam on the 7th. I am trying to correctly
palpate his bladder so I can monitor him. I have the post from May
6th , but need to be able to discuss with my vet the proper dose
etc. Do I just need the proscar with the higher mg of the drug? I
never thought he would ever be a surgical candidate considering
everthing he's been through. I discussed this also on Mon and she
feels that cryo would be his best bet. She doesn't have the
equipment yet and I have gone to Dr. XXX several times, although
he's 2 1/2 hrs away. Thanks in advance,

Claudia Johnson
Oxford Ferret Rescue

ps Smokey was never on Pred. He was on the dexamethasone/saline
drops. He will be 5 in July.

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