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From: Anne-Marte B. Vaagan
Date: 2001-05-10 01:03:00 UTC
Subject: Update on Pia

Hello everyone.

I got the result from the bloodtest, most all seems well. She
had a bit high glucose, but that could be from stress, and a
bit low on Hematrocitt, which could be from a bit dehydration
from when she was there.

I talked to a couple of other vets. The one with the most
ferret knowledge said it probably was something hormonal
including the e coli infection. He recommended a hormone
injection and antibiotics. It could be the fat tissue
producing hormones. The hormone injection could tell her body
to stop producing them.

So from here we will keep giving her the Noni juice (yes
Kristine it is. I just didn't remember the name right LOL),
and antibiotics. Wednesday I will give her a hormone
injection, and then we will just wait and see.

We will see how she develops and if she may need more tests
during the summer/fall. I figured if it is adrenal we have
some more time to find out, and see for more signs. I don't
want to open her up uneeded. There is also a testprogram with
bloodtests going on in the states which I may join togheter
with my vet. The only problem is that I now have very little
money left.

I hope this works, and she will be fine soon....

Thanks for all your happy thoughts guys!!