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From: Stacey Yea
Date: 2001-05-10 00:21:00 UTC
Subject: Cough like noises -- Dr. Williams

Good day Dr. Williams,

I have a question to any and all who might be able to help..........Buddy
has had a sort of like cough for the past week, I will do my best to
describe the symptoms. I have called my local vet, and she seemed not to be
too concerned however I thought I would get some other opinions.
Firstly, I will mention what happened on Monday for it may have something
to do with the cough, I woke up to notice that the night before Buddy had
vomited which looked like to be his food, that right there set of an alarm.
My main thought was that since he is shedding ( a lot) I thought it had
something to do with that considering all else was normal -- he was still
eating, pooping :-) and not acting any different than usual. To top it off
4 days before he went in to see the vet for a physical and she said he was
healthy. So, I gave him some Petromalt thinking that maybe he had hair
stuck in his throat, I left for the morning but went home at lunch to check
on him he seemed fine. Anyhow, he has not vomited since and was extra hyper
for the last couple of days but he has this cough like symptom. It is not
like he is coughing but when he opens his mouth he makes a heh, heh sound,
somewhat like what they do when they are running and playing however, this
noise is frequent. Also, he has been leaving his mouth open a small bit,
not for long but I have noticed it a few times.He has not been sleeping any
more than usual if not both ferrets have been up more often. Lou my other
one does not seem to have any symptoms of a cold or anything. I think I
have mentioned all that is abnormal. I am not sure if I should be bringing
him back to the vet to see, when I called her to inform her of all this,
she said when she checked his lungs they were as clear as day. I have been
debating on whether I should bring him back to see her, she did not act too
concerned. Should I be? Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated, I
love my boys to pieces and it worries me so much to think that they are not
100%. I can be reached at the address all day! Again, Thank you!
Best Regards, Stacey
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