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From: Nightshifter
Date: 2001-05-10 13:43:00 UTC
Subject: vaginal discharge

Hello everyone-

I was told I might be able to find help here. I
recently saved a breeder's female from an exotic
animal auction. She appeared to have just gave
birth (or was about to) as her vagina was
extremely enlarged and she was skinny like she
has been giving milk.

I did a gentle untrained palp and could feel
a kit-sized lump (approx 5 centimeters by 2.5) in
her abdomen which is no longer present now.

My auction rescue girl has a dark gooey discharge
from her vagina - I'm concerned as it appears to
be blood. When wiped off with a paper towel it's
reddish. Nothing in any of my books covers
anything like this.

On the other hand, she is eating well, drinking
normally and her stool is normal.

Thanks in advance - and please forgive me if I have
broken any protocols in my posting.

& The Funny Funky Fuzzballs, Ryo, Ohki & Aika
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