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Date: 2001-05-10 14:51:00 UTC
Subject: (no subject)

(This was part of the original post on Bandit)- Just to refresh you're memory

>I noticed Bandit's stools are getting worse and worse. Lately he's been
having projectile runs, actually it almost resembles a thick urine but it has
white seeds in it. At first I thought it was urine but now I think it's
coming from the back end.

>Bandit is urinating a lot, it seems like a 1/2 cup of water each time.
I am feeding him babyfood and SD a/d because he doesn't eat on his
own. He's also been on pred for about a month-2 months now, this
actually will be his last week on it...we were treating for ECE (boost)
appetite and for low blood sugar. I know chronic use of steroids (pred)
can cause this but he really hasn't been on it too long?? or is it long
enough to cause this?

>Second, I recently noticed Bandit's breath is bad, don't know what this

Hi Everyone (Urgent Post)

Thank you all for responding to my original post about Bandit...
I took him to the vet and he could not or did not feel comfortable getting
his urine-so I'll work on that at home. Bandit did give the vet a sample of
white seedy diarrhea during his office visit- I just noticed for the first
time bright red specks of blood along with it and the doctor said the white
seeds I referred to was mucous. I don't know but blood sounds serious to me,
the doctor said he thought Bandit had a case of colitis. I know from what I
read here that colitis is rare in ferrets so I told him so. He didn't seemed
to concerned with the blood and his suggestion was to put Bandit on a new
diet-the eukanuba blend for fragile intestines....
While at the vet I had him do a full CBC as well as an in house blood test
cause whenever I try to get the blood glucose from the lab the values seem to
come back wrong. The results came back all normal (I couldn't believe it)
and the in house blood glucose read "79" and the one sent out was "98" so I
don't know which to believe.

>How do you determine the true reading?

I tried the food (wet) and Bandit does not like it and he doesn't eat dry so
that won't work either. Right now I give him the chicken or turkey babyfood
mixed with science diet a/d (can).

Please help-

Dr. Williams what do you thing this blood means?? I saw it today again and
I'm nervous. What would you recommend as a treatment?? Also I have a copy
of the blood results if there is anything that you would like to know about
his blood chemistry.

Oh the doctor gave me bene bac (something with acidolphilus and the other
good bacteria) and I asked him for Tylan for the diarrhea what do you think??

Thank You all so very much,