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From: sue
Date: 2001-05-10 19:08:00 UTC
Subject: Need most recent update on treating bleeding ulcers

To Dr. Williams & others, I need to find out the most recent
info on treating a ferret for an ulcer. she has blood in her
stools. I'm treating for an ulcer until we get to the vet. I
have not had many with ulcers, so I just don't remember what's
best. I am giving A/D-Baby food mixture, she's not eating dry
food at all. I am giving CArafate before each meal. She does
not have diarrhea, her stools are formed , but soft from the
soft food. I heard that pepto bismol was not the best to give,
but she doesn't have diarrhea anyway. I want to know if it's a
bleeding ulcer would Pet Tinic help at all and what dosage
would be given?