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Date: 2001-05-10 20:22:00 UTC
Subject: Dr Williams/Bruiser

Hi there!
Well.....i'm using the laetryl on Bruisers "cheek cancer" and the ONLY
change I have seen is movement.It has gotten bigger,the gel type
substance has formed a round tumor that is 1 1/2 inches in diameter.(I
apologize,but cannot get my Vet to pick up his developed slides,grrr)
It has moved back to the ear section, directly in front which gives him
the appearence of a rattlesnake.He still has no pain,chews kibble on
that side tho still devouring his Gerbers and REAL chicken soup,ground
bones and all (NO FRUIT!!!)....must be the pred (2 1/2 mgs.) IF he
didn't look so odd,one would NEVER know of his condition.
My Question: Dr XXX,the WONDERFUL Vet who did the dbl. cyro adrenal on
Solita,would like to freeze this tumor as well,not only to debulk but to
possibly stop the growth.While this would cost more initially,it would
most likely not grow back as fast,if at all,saving us money in the long
run.Sound safe? He says he has done this with great success all over the
body.I feel more comfortable now,as it is no longer at the nose.The
inside of the mouth still looks great.Nice & pink and strong white
teeth.Thank GOD,it is still growing out....Would LOVE your opinion.
Thanks & Love,as always,
Tara & Bruiser