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From: Amy .
Date: 2001-02-27 20:13:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] any ideas please

>From: "G Kelley" <gkelley0@h...>
>>One of our members dopted a ferret from us. This summer he was diagnosed
>>with having e-coli in his bladder. It took two regimes of antibiotics to
>>clear this up. He has been good for three months and now the symptoms are
>>back. Symptoms being pus in the urine again. The ferret wise vet seems to
>>think that the e-coli has infected the prostrate. The ferret is back on a
>>21 day antibiotic course - Cephalexin suspension 250 ml pr 5 ml; .5ml
>>twice a day. Can the ferret have his prostrate removed if the antibiotics
>>don't work this time? If this is going to be the norm every three months
>>having to be on antibiotics, is there any other options? Has anyone else
>>dealt with an e-coli infection of this nature? Hope someone has
>deb aka ferretqueen

Deb, I wonder if this is actually a sign of adrenal? I am not a vet nor
probably have anywhere near the knowledge that some people have hear, but I
wonder if that is a possiblilty? The first and only sign of my Jasper's
adrenal problems las August was a very nasty UTI. He was on about 5 rounds
of antibiotics. He had e-coli also. My vet told me that it is very uncommon
for a male ferret to have a UTI and enlarged prostate and not have an
adrenal problem. I had also enquired about having his prostate removed
because before his first surgery he did tell me that a small percentage of
male's do have a problem with the prostate going back to normal. He had
attempted about 3 prostate surgeries in the past, none of which were very
succesful. I think I would defenitely look into that possibilty. Hopefully
it is something else, but I wouldn't let it go. Unfortunately for my
Jasper, his right gland must of acted up sometime after the removal of the
left and his prostate never really went back down. We removed the right one
in December. I lost him the end of January due to renal failure from the
damage that was done to his kidneys from the UTI's & enlargement.
Maybe someone else will have another suggestion? Hope this helps?

~Amy~ & The 5 Fuzzy Of Butts with Jasper watching over

btw-this is my first post here, but I think the majority of you know me :)

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