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From: Michele Abel Focer
Date: 2001-05-10 20:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Herbal medicine

Another thought or 2 on herbal medicines. If we think about
it, ancient man only had the earth and all it's elements to
work with. Plants were consumed at a much earlier point in
history than meat , because it was allot easier to gather. Man
learned much about the earth and it's "gifts" , and which
plants were poisonous, or beneficial,and passed their
knowledge on through thousands of generations.Today, the vast
majority of "Modern Day medicines" , are still derived
directly from plant extracts, roots, leaves, milk bark,etc.It
seems that the race to find "The Newest Technology" for so
many things, has kept us from seeing something that has been
right here all along,HERBS! I am very thankful for modern day
medicines and research, and the miracles that have come from
them! I feel that a balanced combination of both modern
medicine, herbal, and dietary care would benefit us all,
including our animal friends. If the quest to learn was not
followed, we would not be where we are today. I'm happy to
know allot of you are interested in herbs to help our ferrets.
Whether it's Devil's Club Supreme, Essiac, or whatever, us
ferret owners can make a great contribution by letting others
know of our experiences with herbs, to pass down to other
generations. So I urge you to respond to Tansy's request for
gathering YOUR data on herbal remedies that have worked for
your ferrets. You may learn more than you ever dreamed! Thank
you so much Tansy for taking on this great task! OK, someone
else can have the "soap box" now!