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From: deena
Date: 2001-02-27 20:07:00 UTC
Subject: winter weight or a problem?

Hi all-
Kiwi is a MF female who just turned 2 this month. She has always been
slender and muscular until last month. She has gotten downright plump. She
went from 1.6lbs to 2.0 lbs. I know that winter weight is common, but my
other three ferrets haven't gained at all. She does seem to want to eat more
than usual, but all four get lots of exercise. They are only caged for 4-5
hours most days and some days not at all. I also take them to the local
school in the evenings to romp. (the custodians love them) She has lots of
energy and is pooping normally.
My question is- can I assume it's winter weight, or does she need to go
to the vet to make sure? My vet probably is getting tired of my stupid
questions- she thinks I worry too much, but I will take her in if I have to.
I know fluid in the abdomen or an enlarged spleen could also make her look
fat. I've palpated her belly, but I don't know what I'm looking for. There
are no hard lumps and the belly is kinda firm. I should also mention that
she looks like she's gained weight in her legs and shoulders too, but the
belly is the most obvious.
So what do you guys think? Am I being paranoid? I've had her since she
was a kit, but this is only her second winter, and I adopted 2 of my other
ferrets from a shelter in June, so I really don't know what winter weight
looks like. I'm grateful to have this board to post to and look forward to
your opinions. Thanks, deena