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From: Bruce Gaylord
Date: 2001-05-11 05:41:00 UTC
Subject: New Super Leukemia drug announced

On CNN Thursay May 10 2001 a new super drug that starts working in days
and weeks was announced as available for human usage. The drug is specific
for lukemia only and a few other forms not as a general usage against
cancer. I don't know enough so some people here will have to evaluate. I
don't know the name of the drug it was spelled so funny that I couldn't
remember it or shown long enough to write it down. I suppect it will be in
newspapers friday and the weekend and possibly the internet. Ahh, got my
mind working here is a link.

and here is the article in case the link/article disappears

[Moderator's Note: Unfortunately, I had to make the article disappear because of questions concerning the legalities of reposting an article that is almost certainly copyrighted. I also question whether or not this is really relative to ferret health, as it doesn't seem likely vets will be carrying this any time soon, and I've not heard of any ferrets with lukemia, but thought a one-time post on the topic would not be harmful.]