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From: Claudia Johnson
Date: 2001-05-11 06:41:00 UTC
Subject: my unreadable post -need proscar info now

I don't know what made my post unreadable. I hope this works as I
need info now. My insulinomas ferret is now diabetic with adrenal
disease. His urine volume has decreased and his ballder was normal
size onthe 7th. He received as injection of Lupron on the 7th.
Please send dose of proscar and how long will it take to work.
Smokey may or may not be a candidate for surgery. My vet feels like
cryo would be his best option and I need help til I can get him
there for the surgery. BG was highest at 600 over the last 2
months, he crashed 1 month ago at 35 and we adjusted the insulin and
Mon the BG was 100.
Claudia Johnson
Oxford Ferret Rescue
ps I thanked the vets who responded to my post 2 months ago about
the diabetes in the post that couldn't be read.

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