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From: Debi Rodvelt
Date: 2001-05-11 07:26:00 UTC
Subject: mystery cyst has come back

I had a cyst taken out of my 2 year old female's neck two weeks ago. I
don't remember what the vet called it, but it was rarely seen in ferrets.
Actually, it is usually seen in the knees of old arthritic dogs. (Hope that
helps all of you vets know what it is.) We were relieved because it wasn't
cancerous and expected a nice recovery.

Unfortunately, we started seeing swelling along the incision. We had
thought it was irritation from the stitches and would go away, but during
the past week (after the stitches were removed) the swelling has become
severe. The entire incision line has swelling along it on both sides and
it's much "puffier" than the original cyst was. Does anyone have any idea
what is going on with this? My vet is out with the very nasty flu going
around and I can't get her in this weekend like I had planned.

Thanks one and all,
Debi Rodvelt