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Date: 2001-05-11 04:32:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] New Super Leukemia drug announced

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<< Moderator's Note: Unfortunately, I had to make the article disappear
because of questions concerning the legalities of reposting an article that
is almost certainly copyrighted. I also question whether or not this is
really relative to ferret health, as it doesn't seem likely vets will be
carrying this any time soon, and I've not heard of any ferrets with lukemia,
but thought a one-time post on the topic would not be harmful.] >>

I have a ferret with Leukemia - Silk is now almost 2 and has had leukemia for
more than a year. She is currently being treated with prednisone and
phenobarbital to control seizures. I am extremely interested in this new drug
and am hopeful that I may be able to take Silk off of the prednisone if we
can try this with her.

Silk is one of the largest early alter females that I have ever seen - she is
weighing in right now at 3.7 pounds, mostly due to water retention from both

My vet diagnosed her with leukemia after a bout with high white cell counts -
as high as 51,000 IIRC. Nothing else but pred worked to reduce the WC count.
She gets to visit the vet every couple of months for more blood tests to
monitor WC and how well her system is processing the pheno - and no, we can't
take her off of the pheno - we tried with almost disastrous results. Ditto on
the prednisolone.

Lisa Leidig, Head Ferret
The Ferret Haven "By-the-Sea"