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From: R Downs
Date: 2001-05-11 09:24:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Teenager Needs Help (followup)

A few weeks ago I wrote about a teenager who needed
help. Thank you to the two people who responded to me.
I thought I would follow up so you would know what
happened. I am not deleting any of this because there
is some information that *may* be clues as to what
happened. If bells go off for you, please let me know.
Also, I see many teenagers and children whose parents
have provided them with a new ferret and have no idea
what to do. I believe in education and am doing my
part. But, as with the poor, we will always have the
uneducated among us. I hope the despair and confusion
in this girl's letter may provide something you can
use to help parents see they must be responsible for
all areas of their children's lives until the children
can care for themselves. Thanks.
Renee :)

Hey Renee. I just thought I'd let you know. When I
came home from church this morning, Noel was dead. She
was in her igloo, where she'd gone to bed last night
after I played with her. She'd been stuck there all
night because she'd gone to the bathroom all over
herself. There was dried up blood on her stomach. I
picked her up and her body was cold and stiff. She had
a peaceful
look on her face though, so that makes me feel a
little - very little - bit better. I don't know what
caused it, but, she's gone. I think that her death had
something to do with the spot on her stomach. She was
bleeding, so I don't think it was her adrenal gland. I
just really hope that she didn't have to suffer. I
just keep thinking, what if I'd taken her to the vet
in Cary
yesterday. Would she still be a live, or would she
have had to spend her last night alone and in a
strange place. I played with her right before I went
to bed last night and she was perfectly fine. There
was nothing wrong with her. She just crawled into her
little igloo and went to sleep. She just never crawled
out. Nikki broke my heart because I held her up to
Noel and she kept biting her and trying to get her to
play. xxxx was there, so she sort of got my mind off
of it. Nikki's been going around my bedroom all day
looking for Noel. It's hard. I don't that I've fully
realized that my baby is gone for good. I don't know
what I would do if I didn't have Nikki right now. My
family's been playing with Nikki a lot today to keep
her mind off the fact that her best friend is no
longer there. Any ideas on how to deal with a
depressed ferret? Well, I just thought I'd let you
know about Noel. I guess
that it's a relief in a way. I don't have to spent
hundreds of dollars on surgery. I don't have to sit
there and watch her suffer. I don't have to make the
tough decision to put her to sleep when she gets to
bad to go on. I mean. I knew that she was gonna die
soon, just not this soon. Anyway, (I'm sitting here
bawling in case you didn't figure it out), thanks for
all of your help. Give me a call if you want any of
that stuff back since Noel won't be needing it. Thanks


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