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From: StarAngels
Date: 2001-05-11 13:09:00 UTC
Subject: re on Skinny ferret starving

I want to thank all of you that responded to my duck soup plea here is a
picture of Snowball two day's after getting her.. (hope this is ok)

let me give you a whole rundown so you all know better whats going on

I got snowball from the local pound she was taken away from her owners all
they could tell me was she was filthy and loved to have a bath. I told them
she was an albino female and flea bitten

I got her home and put her in a cage by herself and gave her some ferret
food and water she was so skinny she is about 14 /15 weeks you can feel all
her bones and ribs she would NOT eat the ferret food.. for two day's tho she
seemed actived and all.. she played with the other ferrets also now she
would drink water .. everything i tired to give her she refused then i tried
to put a little ferretvite on her mouth area and i guess just the smell made
her puke and anything she didn't like she would try to puke.. i call my vet
and the pounds vet and other rescus places seeking help. she did see my vet
on the 5th two day's after i got her she then weighted at .06oz the vet said
she looks great other then she needs weight....... yeah ok... she also
suggested one what to try for food.. ok.. so i try allt hese things and more
i think eating one to three kibble of ferret food is NOT enough.. to keep
her going maybe alive but.. hey.. that isn't good enough for me!.. then she
got the run's and i figured it was because all she was getting was vit's in
her water (which is had no lack of water ) so i knew she was getting some
good stuff but still not enough.. so yesterday after my plea for duck soup i
got upset and i went to the store and got baby food and she would not touch
that either.. oH the pepto was only a drop and it didnt' even go past her
lips ( tho my vet say's to give it to them ).. so then i said OK and check
mail no duck soup yet.. so then i went to the fridge and i took out chicken
and meat and hamberger and all meat type products i could find.. then i went
to ceral for sugars I said there's got to be something she will eat!!! I
had tried cat food but she didn't want that either.. nothing i tired
worked.. so i said ok went to the store and got a few different types cat
foods.. and guess what she found one she liked!! and she pigged out!! yep ..
tho last night she got one stuck in in mouth it was too big and she was
trying to eat to fast.. :( so.. i broke them all up in peices NOW she wont'
touch it! ARG! :) so i said fine.. this am I went and got some Kitten chow
and guess what she ate and ate and ate and ate and ate!.. now sleeping with
a full tummy!!! tho i'm still not happy she's on cat food i'm happy she's
eating!!!!!!!! and down the road i will try to wean her on to ferret food
which i myself think is best..

Thank you everyone for all your conserns and help!! Snowball aks skinny
minny is on the right road i think!!! i will save all infor i have aquired

mom of Bandit, Lady, Snowball

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