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From: bill and diane killian
Date: 2001-05-10 23:23:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Opinion on herbs

[Moderator's Note: It appears that this thread is beginning to stray a bit off course for the Ferret Health List. If one has a specific question on the use of herbal treatment for ferrets, it is definitely on topic. General discussions on chemicals, herbs and the use of same in third world countries or the like are not. Please note that we are in no way singling out this post. It just happened to be the first one in the latest group of messages on this topic.]

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> Let's say, for the sake of argument, that those same people in third world
> countries who have access to wonderful herbal medicines would suddenly
> have access to ANY pharmaceutical product on the market .. at no cost, in
> unlimited quantities. I think we all agree that modern pharmaceuticals
> are very valuable lifesavers .... but do you think that this access would
> suddenly reverse the poor health of these third world residents? I don't
> think so .. I think rather they would be misusing them, and at worst
> killing themselves with them, and at best getting somewhat suboptimal
> results with them.

That is very offensive. People in poorer countries are not less intelligent
than people in more "advanced" countries.

If suddenly modern medicines were suddenly available to the poor in
underceveloped countries there would be a remarkable turnaround! Of course
this is also true in this country where the poor do not have access to the
same medical treatments as the wealthy.

Herbs are great in salads and flavoring other foods.

In some cases there is a potential theraputic value as well.