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From: Maggie's Farm
Date: 2001-05-10 23:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Another opinion on herbs

on 5/10/01 11:28 PM, Sukie Crandall at sukiecrandall@t... wrote:

> But, Alicia, EVERYTHING is made of chemicals! We are, our ferrets
> are, the herbs I have on our balcony and in the house are, the house
> is!

But not everything is made of man made chemicals.

I was listening to an environmental medicine doctor on the radio with a lot
of interest. You see, I never had many health problems until I moved to the
Houston area in 1983. Now I am dealing with several chronic health issues,
and reducing my exposure to man made chemicals greatly reduces my symptoms.

This doctor made one very interesting point, that western medicine tends to
treat symptoms rather than causes many times, and give even more chemicals
to folks to do so. He pointed out something that I suffer with, migraines
induced from exposure to man made chemicals. Perfume and insecticides give
me massive, horrid migraines. Most of the time folks treat migraines with
more man made chemicals when many times all they have to do is reduce
exposure to certain things.

This got me to thinking, all kinds of folks making guessing about what is
causing the increase in cancers and other diseases in ferrets, and why
American ferrets seem to get more of them than in other places.

and it dawned on me. could it not be the simple fact that we do keep are
ferrets different, indoors in tightly built homes with all types of
outgassing from new materials. I mean, other parts of the world generally do
not weatherproof like we do, or close up the houses like we do. And many
many places most of the structures are much older and have outgassed
anything already.

I mean, I know carpeting makes me ill. The ferrets are closer. I also
realized a coincidence in my life, all the adrenals and insulinomas showed
up in the months after I had to recarpet my house due to flooding. It could
seriously be just a coincidence or it could have been that the outgassing of
the carpet may have triggered something already there in the ferrets.

Anyway, this has been rolling around in my rather empty head since Tuesday.
Thought I would just put it out there.

discuss. ;-)