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From: Alicia
Date: 2001-05-11 19:39:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Situation Advice?

Are you sure this ferret is even spayed? Skin loss itching etc
besides during adrenal presentation can be demonstrated in a silent
heat situation. Lutalyse is a drug used for pregnancy
complications I believe-- right Vickie?

I would say from my expertise in sheltering-- the ferret suffers
greatly from extreme neglect-- and would be far better off in
another surrounding-- but ownership rights prevail in most cases
unless you can get a witness that will swear to abuse or neglect in
court of law-- don't know where else to go from here--

There are just too may red flags in your post!

The ferret is being controlled in a highly abusive ocal person
took in their moms ferret from OKC. Brought it over to me for
advice because the vets treatment was doing no good. Turns out the
vet had diagnosed Insulinoma, all symptoms matched for Insulinoma
but the ferret was on LudaLyse???
They also were feeding REALLY bad food, so I gave them sheets on
care and nutrition and several sample bags of good foods and some
of my own food mix.
I advised them to immediately go to one of our local vets I trust
with ferrets, they did and the ferret was verified Insulinomic and
taken off the LudaLyse and put on Prednisone... surgery was
advised but the owner says they can not afford it.
Owner called last week to ask me if I could baby-sit this weekend,
I said sure... she then told me that she had recently had the
ferret back to the vet because he has "skin abrasions, scratches,
subtle bruising and marks with patchy hair loss"... the vet found
NOTHING to indicate the cause or reasoning and is totally baffled.
We talk some more and I suggest that unless we can find out the
cause, I would want to put him in isolation while babysitting.
Finally at the end... literally as she was hanging up, she asked
if she needed to bring his cage.... I told her it depended on
several factors and to call me the day before... how many rescue I
had versus open cage space... also whether their cage was easily
transportable or a pain to move. She said "Oh it's real easy to
transport, it's just a small rabbit cage with a handle"... then
hung up.
She called back yesterday to tell me a friend would be staying at
her place and she didn't need me to baby-sit. I questioned her
some more about the cage... she said it is old, made of wire,
single level and about 2x1 feet or so... no hammock or anything
just an old towel to sleep in. I asked her how much time per day
he spent in this cage and she said he was only OUT of it maybe an
hour a day if they had time.
I told her about proper cages, time out for ferrets etc and she
said she knew about it but she couldn't afford a better cage. They
HAVE indicated that they all love this ferret and would never
consider giving it up.
I have three questions.
1. Is it possible that living in this cage is the cause of the
mysterious skin conditions? I have seen that type of skin on
rescues living in ratty small cages before... and with the vet
unable to find a medical cause?
2. Do I have a right to tell the vet what I know? Technically I
have no right to discuss another client with her, but I feel this
could be an important factor in her trying to treat the skin
3. I have some used cages here at the shelter I had for sale for
$30-$50... I am tempted to call her and offer her one for no
charge, and even toss in a hammock just so I will know the poor
thing has a decent cage... but am I just being a sucker? Am I just
enabling someone who doesn't want to have to spend the money to
care for their ferret? My husband gets irritated because I am too
generous trying to help others and it all comes out of our own
pocket, and we are not rich by any means... and feels I am letting
people take advantage of me... but also it is hard for me to sit
and not do anything to help this ferret.

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