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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-02-27 21:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: any ideas please

I think there's a good possibility that adrenal disease is the
underlying problem. I don't believe a ferret's prostate can be
removed, as it's not a whole gland as much as it is tissue. I hope
Dr. Williams will comment more on this aspect of the prostate.

Male ferrets with adrenal problems often have repeated urinary tract
infections. Antibiotics temporarily clear it up, but it returns in
short order. Fix the adrenal problem and the prostate problem goes


> One of our members dopted a ferret from us. This summer he was
diagnosed with having e-coli in his bladder. It took two regimes of
antibiotics to clear this up. He has been good for three months and
now the symptoms are back. Symptoms being pus in the urine again.
The ferret wise vet seems to think that the e-coli has infected the
prostrate. The ferret is back on a 21 day antibiotic course -
Cephalexin suspension 250 ml pr 5 ml; .5ml twice a day. Can the
ferret have his prostrate removed if the antibiotics don't work this
time? If this is going to be the norm every three months having to
be on antibiotics, is there any other options? Has anyone else dealt
with an e-coli infection of this nature? Hope someone has suggestions.
> thanks
> deb aka ferretqueen