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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-11 21:16:00 UTC
Subject: Talk about timing! Fur -- almost a year later!

Remember our Ashling who had a sudden, marked unset of symptoms and
lost both adrenals almost a year ago? Recall how she didn't re-grow
fur on her bald areas even during the Autumn shed season? Just as
suddenly as her fur loss she now has a thick crop of it beginning
over most of the bald space, not over all the bald space but that
might change. I guess that when considering timing of fur we've just
got to allow more leeway than even one shed season. (BTW, she is not
a compromised individual so that didn't delay it. Ashling thrives on
her prednisone and florinef. Last week I had to climb a ladder to
get her down from a place she'd sneakily climbed into, and I'm 5'7".
8' in the air seems to be her favorite height, and this time a closet
accidentally was not fully closed.)