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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-05-11 21:15:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Situation Advice?

Why on earth would the ferret be given lysodren for insulinoma!
Could even the most ferret UNknowledgeable vet make that kind of
error or is there information lacking and the ferret was actually
being treated for adrenal disease?

Anyway, glad to hear they went for a second opinion.


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> Thank you Mike. That's IT!
> I knew it was a weird name with an L... and with breeding season
going nuts
> here, I type in "Ludalyse" on the breeders groups frequently... LOL
Sort of
> stuck there.
> Lysodren would indeed have been the med this vet gave him for
Insulinoma and
> the ferrets seizures and spells had only worsened them.
> I did tell them I am NOT a vet and can not make any treatment BUT
if this
> ferret was being turned into rescue, *I* would take it off that
ASAP and
> take it to a better vet for proper treatment of Insulinoma. To my
> they did just that.
> Susan
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> You're thinking of Lysodren. It's used for adrenal disease, but
it's not
> really great for the type of adrenal problems ferrets have. It
should not be
> used in ferrets who also have insulinoma because it can cause severe
> hypoglycemia.
> Mike