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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-05-11 22:23:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Situation Advice?

Mike... all I know is this. The mother in Oklahoma City had taken the ferret
to Vet A in OKC. The only diagnosis given was Insulinoma. All the ferrets
symptoms point to Insulinoma and he was given the Lysodren and the owner
told it was to treat it.
Once the ferret came to the daughter here in Tulsa, she called me on a
Friday night with concerns because he was having seizures. She brought the
ferret right over and I helped them through the seizure and printed out a
ton of information on Insulinoma, mostly from Dr. William's site, and gave
it to them. She brought the medication with them to show me, and even though
I wasn't 100% sure, I thought it was the wrong med for Insulinoma, so I
called Kristine at Friends of Fuzzies and she verified the medication for
That's when I told them if it was MY ferret, I would stop the Lysodren and
go see our shelter vet who has Saturday hours and gave them her card. They
did, and our vet confirmed a diagnosis of Insulinoma, ordered the Lysodren
stopped and started him on Prednisone.
Since then, I have talked to a few people in the OKC area, and apparently
some sites refer "Vet A" as a ferret vet, yet several people I have spoken
to insist he is VERY uneducated on ferret knowledge.
Is there any sort of program set up to get ferret information to vets like
this from a source they will trust?

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Why on earth would the ferret be given lysodren for insulinoma! Could even
the most ferret UNknowledgeable vet make that kind of error or is there
information lacking and the ferret was actually being treated for adrenal
Anyway, glad to hear they went for a second opinion.