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From: katharine
Date: 2001-05-12 07:18:00 UTC
Subject: Champ Update

Since so many of you have been so helpful and
supportive through Champ's ordeal (renal failure),
I thought I would update you. His bloodwork all
looked great yesterday. We are backing the Epogen
injections down to once a week. His hydration
looked pretty good so I won't be increasing the
sub-q injections, which has happened each previous
visit. The Lixotinic will be discontinued once
it's gone (probably just a few more days). His
weight is maintaining at about 1320g with
plentiful servings of soup (he doesn't eat any dry
kibble at all). His high was about 1650g but he
lost quite a bit through his surgery and then this
condition. He dropped down to about 1200g at one
point. I am happy with his weight now though he
could stand to put a little more on. His
potassium looks good but we will continue the
Tumil-K for a while longer. His primary Doc
wasn't there yesterday so his back-up Doc saw
him. They will talk in rounds on Monday and then
the both of them will call me to discuss Champ's

He has an awful looking skin condition; little red
dots all over, like blackheads but red. Doc
thinks it may be a form of seborrhea so he gave me
a shampoo to use with sulfur and benzoyl peroxide
in it; once a week and let stand for 5-10
minutes. I draped him over my arm after applying
the shampoo and I think he went to sleep as I was
counting out about 5 minutes <g> (and so did my
knees as I was hanging over the tub). Doc's
concern is that this could be a sign of his
adrenal problems coming back. He has never had
his left adrenal removed. That will be part of
our discussion on Monday. He is showing no other
signs of adrenal problems but, then, he didn't the
last time either (second right adrenal surgery).

I mentioned some time ago that Champ's heart seems
to beat really hard. Yesterday, at the vet, Doc
could hear a slight murmur when Champ was under
iso but it went away when he was awake?????
Anyone ever heard of such a thing?

That's about it. At this point, Champ will go
back in after about 5 more weeks (that's about
when the Epogen should run out).

All in all, things looked good and there was not
another problem, for a change. I think the
phosphorous level is supposed to be the next

Please keep Champy in your thoughts and prayers
and thanks again for everyone's support and advice
(even though I stay totally confused on the low
protein food issue <g>).