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Date: 2001-05-12 08:34:00 UTC
Subject: Re: questions on lymphoma-Dr. Murray

Dr. Murray,what would happen if it was a lymph node? The doctor
noted that he found it adjacent to the pancreatic flexure. The
histopathology report stated that it is several small nodules made up
of small to medium sized neoplastic lymphocytes. There are no miotic
figures detected and there was some recent hemorage. I am not sure
what this all means, but I am hoping the doctor caught the cancer
before it spread. What are the chances of this? The doctor did not
know if he had caught it yet, but he said not to bet on it.
Everything else looked fine.

He sugested just to wait and watch. If he starts losing weight then
to bring him in. At that point they would put him on Prednisone.

Thanks, Judi

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> Hi Judi,
> The long name you are looking for is extramedullary
> hematopoiesis. This is a common finding in ferrets
> especially with intestinal disease and Helicobacter.
> The nodule you are desribing may have been a lymph
> node. Lymphoma in a lymph node is common with
> lymphoma in ferrets. Lymphoma can spread to the bones
> usually the vertebra, but this is rare. Perhaps your vet
> meant that they wanted to check the bone marrow for
> evidence of lymphoma. Checking the PCV for anemia is
> also a good idea as mild anemia is a common finding
> with lymphoma. It may be time to consult with a cancer
> specialist to help with the workup and chemotherapy options.
> Hope that helps,
> Jerry Murray, DVM