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Date: 2001-05-13 02:49:00 UTC
Subject: Lymphoma = bodily shutdown?

I recently had to help our elderly ferret DJ to pass from an
agressive lymphoma and now have another elderly ferret who also has
lymphoma, which seems to be progressing at a slightly slower than
normal rate. What I have noticed is that with DJ (deceased), I
clipped her nails and when it was time to clip them again they looked
as though they had not grown. Now with Tish, she had a part of her
fur shaved off about 3 months ago and only the shortest, tiniest
amount of fur has grown back. I am assuming that this is because of
the lymphoma. Can anyone explain what is going on in the ferrets
body at this time that is causing this to happen? Also, what is
happening like this to the organs, etc. that is like this but we
cannot see.