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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-05-13 12:01:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Triaminic

I'm not sure what's in Triaminic, but 3cc's sounds like way too much
for a ferret. Two more cc's would have made a teaspoon which is
probably a human dose or close to it. If he hasn't had a terrible
reaction to that much by 12 hours later, he probably won't, but
that's really just a guess on my part. I would call a vet and not
wait for an answer from here.

A ferret's ear canal is kind of L-shaped and it's pretty hard to go
too far, but I suppose you could if you really dug in. Did the
drunken walk occur after the Triaminic or the ear cleaning?


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., diobrn@s... wrote:
> Hello,
> My name is Dianna and I have 4 ferrets, I have one that is a
> blaze, he is very fun loving and fiesty. Well the last 3-4 days he
> had been sneezing and coughing especially when scurrying around the
> the others. So a lady here in town that has a ferret shelter told
> to give triaminic to him. I gave him, 3cc and this was late last
> night around 10 pm. Well this morning at 10 am he is VERY groggy
> almost acting drunk. Should I just let him sleep it off or do I
> to worry about adverse reaction or overdosing ? He seems fine
> otherwise, I just didn't think with their fast metobolism that he
> would still be acting effected toady. The other question I have is
> can you go to far when cleaning the ears. I was cleaning and I
> pretty far because I was coing up with alot of stuff but he whined
> little. I couldn't have hurt his ear drum could I ? He was
> very slowly and would kind of fall to the side sort of like a
> Does anyone know what I am talking about ?
> Thanks in advance,
> Dianna