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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-05-13 15:19:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Oh, THAT Devils Club!

>I've been reading all the FHL posts and it never dawned on me what Devils
>Club is until I read Regina's note:
>> Maybe I'm just biased against the plant though, having come up close
>> and personal with it during a summer of field survey work in
>> southeastern Alaska-- OUCH!
>> Regina (the owner of a ferret with insulinoma, hence her interest)
>Living in Alaska we were always warned not to eat the berries from Devils
>Club and really just stay away from it. I thought that was because they
>were highly toxic. If people are marketing a Devils Club product does that
>mean it isn't a toxic plant?
>Just curious,

Not necessarily. There are some herbal and non-herbal medications,
both, which are based upon active compounds that would be very
hazardous if used or processed incorrectly, or in incorrect amounts;
also at times one part of a plant may be poisonous and another not
poisonous. That is also true for some foods; the foliage of some
solanacious plants that are common foods, and of rhubarb, for
instance. The tastiest fruit I ever had is one that is very
dangerous in its unripe state, so, yes, timing is a factor, too.
Herbal does not equate to safe, and herbal medications need to be
given the same levels of respect that other meds get -- research,
learning pros and cons, not over-dosing, following directions, etc.
Neither should be just accepted on faith. (Yes, do read a lot, and
do ask vets for warning signs and such of meds they provide, and use
that same level of caution and responsibility with herbals.)