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From: Heather Sims
Date: 2001-05-13 13:46:00 UTC
Subject: What kind of Preventative measures are needed?

I just acquired a 8 week old spayed female kit. I am just curious as to what
preventative health measures I need to take with her for the optimum health
and lifespan? Do I need to have an annual blood profile done on her to
watch for problems? What about Heartworm Disease?
I know she needs 2 more sets of vaccinations (ferret distemper and rabies),
then needs them annually, are there any other vaccines she should have (my
dogs get bordatella and giardia). Anyone know how a ferrets age compares
with ours? (AS with dogs 1=7 or something like that.

Anyways thanks in advance for any advice.

Heather Sims & Suzi-Q Ferret.

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