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From: Stu
Date: 2001-05-13 20:41:00 UTC
Subject: New rescues and a couple of problems

Hi Guys,

I just adopted two rescues, a six month old chocholate sable
(Marlow) and a
two year old cinnamon (Circe). My wife and I are a little
worried about
Marlow, he seems to be in good health, very active, and
excellent appetite,
but his respirations are extremely high and labored especially
when he
sleeps. We clocked them around 100-115 per minute, with an
odd pop or
clicking noise every once in a while. My wife is an RN, so
she listened to
his lungs and heart with her stethescope and thought his heart
sounded ok
(no heart murmor) but there is a noise when he exhales. Could
this be a
respiratory infection? We are planning to take him to the vet
on Monday,
but I would still like to hear everyones thoughts on the
Another problem that arose involved the introduction to my #1
son, Gizmo.
Because Giz has been an only child for most of his life I
thought there
might be problems and there were. Everything was fine until
Gizmo decided
to dominate Circe. After about five minutes of him chewing on
her neck she
went ballistic on him. It was horrible to see my little guy
get his butt
beat that bad by Circe, who happens to be half his size. She
gave him some
wicked bites on his neck, back, and abdomen. Needless to say,
he is now
completely terrified of her and very skittish of Marlow.
Today, he has
tried to retreat whenever she comes near. So far she has just
given him a
couple of butt sniffs, but I'm not sure if that means she has
decided to let
him live in peace or not. I feel horrible, I wanted him to
have some
companions and now he looks depressed. He's definately pissed
at me because
of the interlopers presence (I think the thing that gripes his
nads the most
is that Circe has taken over his hammock). The things I've
tried so far to
ease the tensions are the usual that I've seen recommended
here: everybody
got a bath, Circe slept in a seperate cage with Gizmo's
blanket, Gizmo had a
coat of bitter apple applied to his coat, and I held them nose
to nose for
some face time. Again, I'll take any other suggestions.


Stu - first time multiple ferret dad