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Date: 2001-05-14 08:00:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Digest Number 180

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Safe Products for Carpet Clean Up; anyone know a brand to use in
my new
Dirt Devil Steamer? Help! Want to clean the carpet, but do not
want to
hurt my ferrets. Ideas????

Simple green has a dilution formula to make for cleaning rugs. They
also have
a specific rug cleaner. I have used the regular stuff and works
great. I have
an apt. with very old and dirty rugs. I have been trying for 4 years
really clean them. The simple green did (the regular stuff, I didn't
use the
rug cleaner they have avail), and actually made my bedroom rug
softer. It was
nice not to have the harsh smell also, and dried faster. The
dilution I used
was 30:1, or 1qt. 2cup water, to 1oz simple green. This stuff can be
found in
most grocery stores and some clothing (Walmart....) stores. I get
the Gallon
size for around $9 at Home Depot. Wegmans has the half gal for the
price. What you will mostly find is the spray bottle size. The
simple green
is great for everything and lasts forever. I use it to clean
everywhere and
almost everything my ferrets come in contact with. Two of them will
lick the floor. ( I do wait till it dries before I let them there,
but they
love soap) I have never had any reaction at all. Doesn't even bother
noses. When I used the "regular" comercial stuff, they would be
sneezing for
a few days. It also works great on cages, litterboxes, and the giant

waterbowl (bathtub). You can use it for everything. They have a
website that
gives you all kinds of info and products. I'm not sure of the addy,
I did a
search. Hope you find something.

Amy and the boys