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From: Maryi Mauney
Date: 2001-05-14 09:26:00 UTC
Subject: Update on Sable's quest ( against the big corporations )

Hello Everyone and I hope everyone had a Great Mother's Day!

My family and I went to Fiesta Texas and had a blast, but it
was the first day that my furkids were at home without mommy
being there. OH what a mess!!!! They managed to put their food
in their litter box and their litter out all over their
sheets. I guess they were trying to tell me they didn't
approve. :-)

Anyway, about 3 weeks ago I wrote and let everyone know about
my precious Sable passing and the battle that we were
beginning against a major pet store.

Here's the update. I talked til I was blue in the face to
everyone I knew. All of the stores managers, regional and
otherwise. Finally I tried the Corp. office. When I got off
the phone I didn't feel like there was any hope of getting our
money back or another ferret, but felt VERY good to know that
he was going to do a complete investigation on the store and
promised me the kits there would be taken care of.

I was thinking about going to JAG ( we are military) and
seeing what could be done. To make a long story short, I
received a call Friday morning from the man I had spoke to
earlier from the corp office. He suprised me by telling me
they were going to reimburse us for ALL the vet bills, and
give us another ferret! WOW!!!! I was so amazed. I have been
back to the store and got Nozy (nosey). She is the most
precious thing I have ever seen. Of course, EVERY fuzzbutt is.
My son named her because of her brown nose.
All the fuzzies there look to be in great shape.

I have to give credit where credit is due, the assistant
manager at this store has ferrets of her own and has made it
very clear they will be taken care of and she is there if I
have ANY problems or need help.

I didn't mention the name of the store in my earlier post so I
won't now either but, I want them to know that I appreciate
the effort made on their part and the genuine concern for
their animals and customers. I can't say this for all the
stores in this corp. but I know this one is in good hands.
That's a start!

Thank you for all the support and sympathy I received in this
matter and to let you know we are adopting a ferret named Evan
in a couple of weeks. So God has blessed us and as I promised
Sable before, You made a HUGE difference in our lives and alot
of other fuzzies. We are grateful and have been truly blessed
to have been able to love you! You will always be in our
hearts and in our home! We love you baby girl. And thank you
again for all the blessings!

Maryi, Streaker, Nozy, and "awaiting" Evan!!!!!!