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From: Donna Lee
Date: 2001-05-14 11:26:00 UTC
Subject: To All Who Have Lost their Little Fuzzies......

We join you in your sorrow, for we lost our little
fuzzy on Saturday afternoon at 2:45. We miss her so
much, she was a very special little lady, Her name was
Snowball, she was the cutest little White Ferret we
had ever seen. She had cancer of the bone, she stayed
here at home with us right up until she passed, we now
have her laid to rest in our back yard, we wanted to
keep her close to us, even though she is so far away
she will always be her in our hearts & in our lives,
We Loved her so much & will miss her forever just like
everyone else here. May I say one thing we can all go
to a place called Rainbow'sBridge and leave a tribute
to our little furballs to which are our dearest
freinds and help them all on there way. I am just so
thankful that ours no longer hurts like she was. It
hurts me to see animals suffer like that in any way.
I thank you all for all the help that you gave us
and all the reassuring words. Thank-You, from Donna &
Chance Lee

P.S. To all of our Furry Friends OUR PRAYERS ARE WITH

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