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From: Sidsel L. Espersen
Date: 2001-05-14 14:05:00 UTC
Subject: [Ferret-Health-list] ECE and/or Irritable Bowel

I have no idea whether or not this is the same, but I have a
ferret that suffers from the same symptoms, he seems perfectly
healthy, happy and playful but his poops looks just like you
described them.

And since ECE officially isn't in Denmark, no vets knows how
to treat it... :(

As well as you, I'd like some advice...

- Sidsel

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From: Jacqueline Snyder [mailto:SNYDER@GAT.COM]
Sent: 14. maj 2001 17:39

Does anyone have experience with ECE and IBS in ferrets? Or
about what the following problem could be?

Three years ago we got two kits. One turned out to have ECE
and the other,
the ferret in question, didn't have symptoms, but probably
had the virus.
We've had ECE flare-ups a few times since then in our
business, but it has
been manageable.

The ferret in question now seems to have ECE --or
something-- that just
won't quit. He has until now been one of the healthiest.
Previously he had
not had any symptoms of ECE or other intestinal illness. For
the last few
weeks, however, his stools are greenish and sometimes
orangish, and very
mucousy. The ferret has not lost weight and does not appear
to have
dehydration problems. He is normally active. Except for the
loose stools,
he appears normally healthy.

Our vet suggested irritable bowel syndrome, but this was
during an earmite
treatment, not a specific exam. (I am sure that if the
ferret had looked
ill to him then, he would have looked into it more.)

I'd appreciate advice.


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