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From: Rae Edmiston
Date: 2001-05-14 16:56:00 UTC
Subject: scary coughing/wheezing

~dooks to all~
I just want to say thank you for those of you that helped me
with my little Fiona's bum (it's still being weird popping out
and then going back to normal, of course when it was time to
go to the vet she had an "innie") But my question now concerns
my little boy Faoli (fewlie) See every since I've had him (10
months or so) he does the cough wheeze thing when he's
eating.. but then, sometimes he does it when he's not eating,
he'll just be hanging out in his cage or playing in the living
room and he stop and make that awful only lasts for
a few seconds, but boy does it scare the crap out of me. He
does this at least once a day.. I know ferrets are supposed to
have bad respitory problems, and so I don't know if its
normal, or if Im over-reacting. They have an apointment to get
their rabies vaccinations the 29th of this month, and Faoli's
always done it so I don't suppose there is a big rush, but i
guess I was just wondering if Ive been neglecting a bad
symptom of something or other...
(lol reading this list has made me paranoid for my furkids! :)
Thanks so much!
Rae, Faoli & Fiona
~I never gave anybody hell, I just told them the truth, and
they thought it was hell!~ Harry S. Truman