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Date: 2001-05-14 14:10:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: Insulinoma -I need ANSWERS!

Hi Aisha,

I am sorry to hear about your ferret having insulinoma. I just would like to
tell you three years ago I was told that my Snuggles has Insulinoma. Since
he had no signs of insulinoma, I did not put him on Pred. Just started him
on Bob's Chicken Gravy and then a year later when I was told that Cinnamon
Bear also has insulinoma, I started both of them on a low dose of Pred, with
their daily Chicken Gravy. Recently a ferret was turned into my vet and the
owner ask her to put Bernie to sleep because he also has insulinoma. The vet
called our shelter and ask if we would take Bernie and he ended up at my
house. Bernie, does show the signs of Insulinoma and he must have his pred
in the morning and at night or he will have a seizure. But so far if I make
sure that he gets his pred daily he is back to being a normal happy ferret.
Both Cinnamon Bear and Bernie have low glucose counts of 20. Snuggles had a
glucose of 50 when he was tested the first time and now his glucose test runs
in the low l00's. In November Snuggles will be 7 years old. Both Cinnamon
Bear and Bernie are 5 years old. Please do not give up on your ferret
because he has insulinoma, he deserves your love and special care!

Charleen Schuster and the Wa. tails